tlhIngan Hol mu'ghom

Level 0[]

Words, phrases or grammar that are not tlhIngan Hol. In this dictionary, the material is assigned to klingonaase for convenience. It is recognised, mainly, by the non-standard orthography (for example using letters such as "k" that are not found in tlhIngan Hol).


Level 1[]

Words, phrases or grammar that are devised by someone other than Okrand or the KLI. Some phrases may be generally accepted as useful, but on the whole the Klingon is not universally acknowledged and could summarily be overturned by Okrand.

Level 2[]

Words, phrases or grammar that were devised by the Klingon Language Institute. Whilst it is acknowledged that the KLI does not have the power or authority to devise new Klingon, any interpretations or usage are considered useful additions to the language. This material could summarily be overturned by Okrand. It is not accepted by everyone.


  • The Klingon Hamlet
  • ghIlghameS / Gilgamesh.
  • The Grammarian's Desk
  • Much Ado About Nothing / paghmo' tIn mIS
  • jatmey
  • Qo’noS QonoS
  • KLI Friend of Maltz certificate

Level 3[]

Words, phrases, or grammar that were indirectly devised or authorised by Okrand, including grammar inferred from canon examples.

The sources are novels where Okrand collaborated with the authors. There are typographical errors in the works, and it is not clear the degree of collaboration. Material is generally accepted where typographical errors have been corrected. Some purists will not accept this material as canon.


Level 4[]

Words, phrases or grammar that were directly devised or authorised by Okrand. This material, excluding the odd mistake, is accepted as canon by everyone.


Klingon is spoken in various Star Trek films. Either the dialogue was devised by Okrand, or Okrand back-translated it. This work is considered canon:

  • ST1-ST10

There was an offical Paramount web site, Star Trek Continuum: Klingon Linguistic Studies (KLS) with material provided by Okrand.

Canonical Sources[]

Many sources have their own article and are listed in this category:

  • Segh:Canon

Additional sources follow.


Title Star Trek Bird of Prey Cutaway Poster
Format Poster
Author Klingon Translation by Marc Okrand
Copyright 1998 Paramount Pictures
Publisher SciPubTech


Title Star Trek: Enterprise
Format The fifth live-action Star Trek TV series.


Title HolQeD
Format Journal of the KLI.

The journal occasionally contains articles by Okrand which are canonical.

Author Marc Okrand
Copyright KLI
ISSN 1061-2327

KLI new words (This list is not been updated for some time and is out of date.)


Title Star Trek: Klingon
Format CD-ROM
Author Marc Okrand
Copyright 1992
ISBN 0-671-52873-4
Publisher Simon & Schuster Interactive