tlhIngan Hol

/bɪ-/ -

wot moHaq


  1. (TKD 33)
Klingon Pronouns Prefixes
Subject Object
none me you (sing.) him/her/it us you (plural) them
jIH I jI- * qa- vI- - Sa- vI-
SoH you (sing.) bI- cho- * Da- ju- - Da-
ghaH / 'oH he/she/it none mu- Du- none nu- lI- none
maH we ma- - pI- wI- * re- DI-
tlhIH you (plural) Su- tu- - bo- che- * bo-
chaH / bIH they none mu- nI- lu- nu- lI- none
  • none indicates that no prefix is required.
  • - indicates that the combination is invalid
  • * indicates that -'egh or -chuq should be used

Segh:wot moHaqmey

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